Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Legs

I was at the dollar store a few months ago and I spotted these adorable striped scarfs! I thought "too bad those aren't tube socks, they would make the cutest baby legs." It never dawned on me to actually sew them into baby legs! I'm so creative huh?

So, I forgot about those cute scarfs until today when I found this GREAT tutorial on obsessively stitching. She teaches how to turn those exact adorable dollar store scarfs into baby legs!

I don't have a serger but I was able to do the tutorial the exact same except instead of serging I zig-zag stitched, I went around each end twice and I made the stitches short. I think it worked well!!

So cute!! I think I am going to have to make a pair out of every color scarf they have!

I added the cute flower bow Eden is wearing to the boutique today!
I am going to be doing some more in different colors soon hopefully!


  1. CUTE! I spent toooo much $$ on baby legs when Allie was first born, and now I'm kicking myself for it!

  2. Super cute -- and your daughter is so beautiful!!

    THANKS for the link. And I am SO happy it works without a serger!!

  3. Oh my gosh I totally saw that scarf at the dollar store! I am going to totally buy one and make these! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. I don't have a serger either, I am going to try this too, I bought some socks but they aren't really "warm" These look so much warmer! And your little girl is SO cute! What a doll... hopefully my 9mth old will appreciate my efforts to keep her little legs warm! Thanks for sharing yours!

  5. Awwww! Your baby has such cute little stripey legs now.... so cute.

  6. oh my goodness!! What a cutie!!! I hope when we get our baby he.she is as cute!! Thank you so much for your support. It really means the world to me. If you are on facebook look me up. We have an adoption group called "will and kelly are adopting!!"

    thanks again!!


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  8. Ha ha! I just posted something as my husband!

    Anyway, I am excited that you are the one making me something for the Fall Swap. I can't wait! :o)