Monday, May 18, 2009

Eden's Flower Clips

Flower clips are becoming more and more popular! They look adorable when clipped on crochet headbands for your baby, or clipped in any little girls hair! They are fun and so easy to make!

You will need:

-Hot Glue Gun

There is only one important thing to remember when buying your flowers, do not get the flowers from craft stores! They charge so much for them! Why pay that much when you don't have to? All the flower clips I've made have been made by flowers from the dollar store. You get several flowers for a dollar! There are different dollar stores depending on where you live, check several kinds. I have never found them at the 99 cents store but all the other ones have had them. It's so much cheaper and I think they still look great.

-Alligator Clips
The best place I've found to get your alligator clips is in bulk on Ebay. Try to find an auction that has the "buy it now" and "free shipping" options. I got 50 of them for 6.00 and that was with free shipping! If you only want to make a few clips you can get a 12 pack at Sallys, or I have even seen them at CVS. But it is much cheaper to buy in bulk.

and if you want something more dressy in the center...
-Rhinestones or you could also use different styles of buttons

For the rhinestones, use the 40% off one item coupon for Michaels that comes in your local paper, and I think it comes in the mail as well. I have actually found the Rhinestones at Michales to be cheaper then the ones at Wal-Mart, even without the coupon! And always always be sure to check your local thrift stores for any of these items. I found a giant bag of different buttons once for 50 cents!! That is what I've been using for some of my flowers!

To make the flowers:

-Take the flower apart (I usually do at least two, or you can mix and match)

-With a tiny dab, glue each piece together near the center.

-Glue your Rhinestone in the middle, if you want to keep the original center stick it back through the hole and trim the stem down so you can glue the clip on back.

-Glue your alligator clip on.

You're Done!

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  1. I saw your guest post and I came over to tak a look at your blog. I like your flower bows. Can I use this information on my blog?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Staci