Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easier way to do flower clips

If you have any brass "brads" handy you can use them to hold your flowers together. You will still need to glue something pretty in the middle of your flower. The great thing about the brads is you can switch the flowers around the way you like. Also, you can even use the brad to hold the alligator clip in place making it so you wouldn't have to buy a lot of clips. I saw the brads at office max, 100 ct for 3.24. I chose not to get them since I already have a lot of clips and glue sticks, but it would be worth if for someone just starting out.

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  1. You can also buy decorative brads at Michaels, JoAnns, Roberts, or any scrapbook store... they have jewels, stripes and different accessories on them. They are more expensive, but they save your fingers, as far as hot glue is concerned. My girls love to help make their flowers for their hair and this is a safe, easy way to let them help. Just a little tip I thought I'd share.