Monday, October 12, 2009

Cute Spider Decorations

These are fun Halloween decorations that your kids can easily make! You just need black fuzzy... I think they are called pipe cleaners? Well anyway you know what mean by the photos! And if you want them to be super cute, you will need some google eyes and hot glue! They are very easy to make:
Take 4 pipe cleaners and line them up next to each other
Bend them all the way around at the middle (kind of twist like a twisty tie)
Arrange the legs, make a knee and foot for each leg
Glue on google eyes if desired!
On lamps


Without google eyes for extra creepiness!


  1. I use the little tea candles and glue some legs on them for my spiders, but these look so simple and cute. I've also seen them glued onto suckers for Halloween treats.

  2. Ack!! I know what my boys and I will be doing this afternoon!