Monday, October 19, 2009

Dollar Store Hedgehog

I saw this super cute idea a while back and just got around to trying it out! It's a hedgehog made from a car washer mitten from the dollar store! I looked and looked and could not find the original tutorial to link to so I did my own tutorial. If this was your idea please let me know so I can link to you!!

Update: Here is where I found the idea and from there you can get to the original tutorial. Enjoy!

To make your hedgie you will need
-1 car washer mitten from the dollar tree
-two buttons for eyes
-1 pom pom for nose
First take your car washer mitten and....

Cut the black part off as well as the thumb, you will want to leave a little extra material when cutting the thumb so you will be able to sew it shut when the time comes

Turn your mitten inside out and cut two diagonal lines as shown below

Sew it using your machine lining it up with the foot. Do not sew the thumb hole shut yet!

Very carefully turn it right side out through the thumb hole and sew the eyes on

Stuff with batting and hand sew the thumb hole shut. Sew on the nose securely! TaDa! You have a super cute, easy, hedgehog for a dollar!


  1. That is sooo cute! My boys would love that.
    We made your spiders this weekend and Tyler had a cow. We now have "biders" all over the house!! Thanks for all your fun ideas!

  2. Hi Meka,

    I've made these guys too! The original tutorial is at

    Yours turned out so cute! I love his red nose!

  3. Hey meka! Thanks for naming a bow after Kaylee! It is so cute too! Sorry I don't get on your blogs very much, I barely get on my blog, so I hope you don't feel bad. My kids are keeping me VERY busy. I love your blogs though, everything is so cute!It is fun to see this side of you:)Love you!

  4. So stinkin cute!!!
    I will be linking this on my site- feel free to grab my "i was featured button".
    I LOVE this idea!

  5. that is just too cute! I'm definitely going to try that one. thanks for sharing!