Monday, June 1, 2009

More Storage Solutions!

I love to keep things organized and I have quickly learned that ribbon is a tough one to keep organized and looking neat. I finally found what I was looking for to help me with my ribbon issues on my thrift store adventures today. I found this perfect piece of wood with holes already drilled into it! It was a dollar and it even had a turn table on the bottom! What a bonus!
All I had to do was stick some dowels in the holes! It's nice because I can see what I have where as before it was all in a bag and just a huge mess! You can make one of these with a piece of wood, a drill and some dowels. Check your thrift stores!

Here is how I have been storing Eden's bows and clips. Its a wooden frame with her picture and I just glued 5 pieces of long ribbon on the bottom to clip the bows on. It looks a little busy to me so I keep it behind her door where it's not seen much, but I still like it! I don't know how else to store them, she just has too many!


  1. Great idea! Any ideas for ribbon not on the spools anymore - I have huge bags of those?

  2. OH! I love your bow holder idea!!
    Its so cute and yeah she has a ton of bows!
    The ribbon spinners is too cool. Way to be crafty :)

  3. I have mine on ribbons too, but I love the idea of glueing them to a picture frame or even a mirror.
    For my ribbon I strung them all up on a string and tied it off on my shelves. I like it for now, but as the ribbons runs out I don't want to take off individual spools. I guess I'll have to wait until several run out and I have new ones to make it more worth the effort.

  4. I have that for Kaylee's bows as well, but I need to make it look cute like yours, thanks for the idea, I also need to get more, because she is getting more and more bows, I love them too much, and I have a hard time just buying one, because I have to get two incase she is going to wear pigtales that day:)