Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There are so many neat things you can do with picture frames other then the norm. Here are some of the ways I have put those frames I had just laying around in my garage to good use!

First, I saw this way cute idea on make it and love it. It's a dry erase board! For my family it's our new grocery list! I don't think I ever realized you can use dry erase markers on glass like that but it does make sense! I love the idea of having such a cute grocery list only I thought it would be nice to make it a magnet to hang on the fridge. So I just took an old frame and added some cute scrapbook paper that would match with my kitchen and came up with this...

Then on the back I just added some old magnets we had laying around! It holds well, but keep in mind the frame is cheap and very light weight!

I spent 59 cents on scrapbook paper. I already had everything else, so this was a super cheap project!

Once again, I came across another cute idea on make it and love it! I know I already have a bow holder, but I had to try this one out! I didn't want to cover the frame with fabric, because I liked the frame a lot. So I just added some girly fabric with ribbon going diagonal.

Make it and love it is such a good blog! I didn't realize it until now, but I got this idea from that blog as well. We had this boring white board/cork board we purchased from the thrift store that really needed some help!


Our office is so boring, what a perfect opportunity to add some color with some fabric I had been saving for something like this. I was lucky enough to have a frame in my garage that fit perfectly!
I also made some square thumbtacks out of the same fabric to match with a tutorial on how about orange. So after a little cleaning up and some color, I think it looks much better!


  1. very nice! I will have to make a bow holder like that, i really like it!

  2. I knew you'd love that blog!!!
    Your projects look awesome!

  3. I love your tutorials you are so frugal! I also wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my Heizzy Scraps blog! Go check it out! (

  4. I am going to make that bow picture frame, great idea and it looks nice